Gallery of Activities

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Three Versions of the Freeze Dance

with Miss Amanda from Kentucky Dance Academy

Math Frame Game

with Ms. Kristina from the Crayon Club

Creating a Family Rules Chart

with the Bayle McKinney from The Sunshine Center

Cardboard Road

with Jenny Weeks from Great Beginnings Childcare

Sorting Snacks

with Mrs. Quire from Second Street Preschool

Helping Your Child Be More Independent

with Evyn Brumback from the Early Learning Village

Rhyming Words

Mrs. Matosha Thacker from the Early Learning Village

Calm Corner/Sensory Bottles

Name Tracing

Tips for Reading with Your Child

Bumblebee Craft

Simple Activities for Building Important Skills

with Mrs. Alison Mazurak, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Large Muscle Games

with Kimberly Young, the Director of Assessment & Program Effectiveness, Franklin County Schools

Counting & Identifying Numbers 1-20

Mrs. Cassandra Adams, Principal Elkhorn Middle

Sensory Zip Bags

with Miss Annie from Second Street Preschool

Writing Letters in Salt

with Mrs. Quire from Second Street Preschool

Learn about Constellations

Sink or Float

with Miss Annie from Second Street Preschool

Fine Motor Fun

Visual Discrimination

with Jessica Rogers for Franklin County Schools

Matching Numerals to Objects

with Christy Drury from Frankfort Independent

Mentos & Coke FELA

Mentos & Coke Experiment

Miss Ashley from Frankfort Early Learning Academy (with help from her girls)

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